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Friday, September 4, 2009

Creepy McCreeperton

While driving home the other day, I felt like something was watching me. I pulled over and looked closely to find THIS, and it totally reminded me of the Twilight Zone movie with the gremlin. So many similarities, really.

I told Joe I was freaked out 'cause it was looking right at me, and Joe said "It doesn't have a choice!" Touche.


Abbie said...

So last night one of those bugs that looks like a leaf rode the entire 10 miles home on the hood of my car... while we sped along on the freeway at 70 MPH!!!! Hello!?!?!

deanna said...

My grandpa & grandma would give us coffee cans with lids and send us to the backyard to catch these guys for HOURS when I was little. I love those strong little guys!