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Friday, September 4, 2009

My Humor

I laugh a lot. So many things are funny to me. I laugh when I trip; I laugh when others trip. I laugh when things start going wrong. I laugh when someone so much that I usually have to walk away from the situation, bent over, gasping for breath.

I'm so lucky Joe is funny. And that we think the same things are funny. And that he got over the fact that my laugh is so loud it sometimes hurts his ears.

I decided to make a little "best of" list; wrap it all up in a nice little package. I don't expect many of you to "get" it, but in case you were wondering, I like to:

WATCH Arrested Development

LOOK at Pearls Before Swine
Pearls Before Swine
from here

LISTEN to Mitch Hedberg

READ BYU's Police Beat

and STUMBLE UPON gems like this...

I might have seen that last one about ten times. Maybe more.


Mrs. Horton said...

I don't wike cereal anymore...

Love it

Erica said...

Oh my gosh.. BYU Police thing... CLASSIC. I just read it. The first one about the barries is my favorite.

Scott said...

Also love Police Beat. I actually made the 'Best of Police Beat' my freshman year for a prank; and no, I don't give autographs.

Some gems from the link you gave:

"He found three EFY participants smoking marijuana in the stairwell."

EFY probably wasn't very spiritual for those three.

"a grounds employee sent to eliminate pigeons with a pellet gun."

Nice. "Hey, Johnny, go shoot some dem #@$! pigeons with that BB gun there."

"The officer stopped the truck and the driver said he did not remember if he drove on the grass. The driver then told the officer he could not lie and that he was guilty of driving on the grass."

I love zoobies. Can't even lie to the police about driving on the grass.

Lastly: "A moose was loose on campus"

Nice rhymin.

P.S. you need to get Joe to post more. I miss his posts. They are always good for a laugh. I still laugh silently about the homeless person/prospective tour post from time to time.

Ashley said...

Britt, that last one made me cry it was SO FUNNY.