Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

When I'm a billionaire

I'll get Britt custom made Ferrari station wagons, just like the sultan of Brunai bought for his wife.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

five? 'kay!

Today was my big race! I didn't sleep very well last night, but woke up right at 7 to get ready. Joe was very supportive and drove me over and waited patiently for me to finish. The course was a little harder than what I'm used to; (a track a no-hill jogging trail) there were a few hills. But I jogged the whole time and paced myself really well. I felt awesome after the run, but may have overdone it by running a ton of errands today. I'm pretty sore tonight. But it was lots of fun! I'm really glad I did it, and look forward to jogging some more. UPDATE: I just got my official time from (boo, active sucks) 35:59.
Tying this thing on my shoe that tracked my time.
My classic "I don't know what I'm doing; why are you taking a picture and not helping me?" Face.

With my friend Katie from work. She's been very supportive of my Couch-to-5k efforts, and strongly encouraged (forced) me to commit and sign up for a race so I had a goal to work towards. Thanks Katie!


Benjy was in town last week for work, so after school/work Joe and I hopped on the blue line to meet him for dinner. We LOVE visitors! Oh, also I ate Thai food. Yes, that is blog-worthy because I don't really branch out too much. I liked it 'cause it was chicken and not people who love Thai food probably think that doesn't count.

Go Cougs!

It's weird being so far away from BYU Football games now. I kind of got used to going to the stadium or trying not to go anywhere near I-15/University Parkway/University Avenue around gametime. So it was fun last weekend to get together with other fans @ BYU's Barlow Center to watch part of the 59-0 blowout against UCLA. We had fun taking photos of ourselves.

Where we get our decorating inspiration

Joe just found this awesome Youtube video; some realtor took a tour of a condo in our building with the same layout as ours. For all we know, these people live right above us. It's worth the watch, even if it's just for the soundtrack.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

So Crafty

I'm always inspired by my friend Molly, who makes cool things. It's not just that; she has a very creative mind and I run a lot of my decorating ideas past her. Anyway, here are 2 things I did on my very own:

Many of you may remember that in Orem, Joe insisted on putting a rug on the coffee table. I thought this was really dumb. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any coasters we liked for our side table, so I made one giant coaster out of FLOR samples. Same concept; much classier.

I made this shade in my bathroom to replace the gross doily-type that was in there when we got here. A total privacy shade isn't necessary since we're on the 2nd level, so I took the leftover material from our hem-them-yourself Ikea drapes, cut the fabric into strips, and hung them on a suspension rod. I kind of dig it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My dad would be proud

When I got in the car tonight to go to Trader Joe's (I know, I'm so awesome,) I noticed that the gas tank was almost 3/4 of the way when I got home, I had to look at our bank account to see that the last time we put gas in our car was August 23. 18 days, and we still have enough gas for like a million trips to Costco. My dad would be so proud!

This almost-ran-out-of-gas fiasco occurred during our Thanksgiving roadtrip. I think we filled the tank with 1/10 gallon to spare. Joe has obviously been a very bad influence on me.

I was kind of (a lot) spoiled to get 2 cars from my parents in high school (not at the same time, of course). I was required to get a job to pay for gas and the occasional speeding ticket. Beyond that, I had two obligations:
1) Always keep the gas tank at least half-full I'm still not sure exactly why my dad demanded this; I think that a.) it kept me from running out of gas, and b.) if there was ever an emergency, and we needed to get out of Lincoln City, we could always make it to Grandma's house 'cause she had the food storage.
2) Keep my car clean, inside and out. This would include times when my dad would passive-aggressively get his own vehicles out to wash in the driveway...sometimes on Saturday mornings. I would eventually make it outside in my pajamas and half-heartedly help.
Luckily, there was no "Don't sit on your car" rule, because apparently I liked to do that.

It's just funny that after all this time, I'm still very aware of the gas in the tank and the cleanliness of the car. Joe can't really appreciate this, so I thought I would tell all our readers.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wedding Reception-Photos for Lew

Bye Bye Hanna

Hurricane Hanna came through yesterday. I have to admit that it wasn't much different than a lot of the storms I remember in Oregon. But for a few hours it was REALLY rainy, kind of windy, and just overall yucky. We had standing plans with Matt Orr to go out to lunch, so we all braved the weather and had a good time.

Date Night

One of the best things about working (me) and going to school (Joe) at GW is that we're already downtown. So if after work and/or school we want to do something in DC, it's like hey, we're already there!

After work last weekend we went to the E Street Cinema; they specialize in independent films, foreign-language films, and documentaries. Those first two types of movies don't usually catch my attention, but I LOVE a well-made documentary. We saw Man on Wire, the story about a French acrobat who walked across a high wire between the Twin Towers in 1974. The story was fascinating; this guy saw a photo in a newspaper of the Towers being built and said he just knew he wanted to pull this off. Years later, and with the help of friends, he snuck into one of the buildings, set up the wires overnight, and then walked back and forth on the wire for 45 minutes. I think what really struck me was this guy's passion for life, and I love that he wasn't protesting a war or bringing attention to a cause--he just wanted to walk on a wire between the Twin Towers because he could. Anyway, it was a great movie.
Oh, and the theater has Italian we are definitely going back :)