Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Friday, June 19, 2009


On July 6 I'll be starting a new job with Fairfax Co. Public Schools; I'm going to be an aide in a classroom for autistic preschoolers. Though it will be hard to leave the friends I have made at GW, (and VERY sad to give up my drives, gchats, visits and lunches with Joe!) I'm very excited for this new opportunity. I'm looking forward to the short commute, school-day hours, and new responsibilities.

Thanks to Joe for getting a job at GW (for the tuition benefits) and supporting me in this new adventure. I know come fall he'll go back to his 12+ hour days, and I think this new job will allow me to support him and his schedule better.

Here we go...

The Return of Dave

Since Dave's been home for a whole week, it's probably time to write about the Homecoming.

Anita & Family came out earlier in the week, and we got to meet up with them on Tuesday for a DC duck tour and to see Night at the Museum AT the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.




After the movie, we walked back to their hotel in the rain. Anita was super prepared and had ponchos and an umbrella for us. We were quite the group!


On Thursday, Joe and I showed up to the airport first and ran into family friend Joszef. He and his wife waited with us to greet Dave.


Then Dave finally got through was great to see him!


As we were walking towards the car, Anita, Matt and the kids were hiding around a corner and surprised him. He almost walked right past his sister :) P1050677



For Dave's first back-to-America meal, we all went to Five Guys. Here are the FIVE GUYS at Five Guys...get it?


Joe and I were very excited for the dessert we brought...a personalized cake.


After realizing we could never make something on our own, we placed an order with Joe had an idea of what we wanted, and sent some images for cousin Greg to photoshop together. This is what we sent in:


We waited a little too last minute to get the cake and have the image applied, so this is what we got:


Still pretty awesome, no?


Dave was released Thursday night, and we all had different plans for most of Friday. We met up that night at the temple visitor's center for a one-man comedy show.


On Saturday we went to a party held for Dave and two other recently returned missionaries from the area.


On Sunday we enjoyed hearing Dave's talk in Church. After, Barb made us a great meal that we enjoyed. On Monday we said goodbye to the Utah crew, and Dave started working downtown. He's staying with us for a few weeks, but I'm not sure how much we'll get to see him between work, friends and Church activities. He already went home teaching tonight!

We know he did a great thing, but we're glad to have him back. Welcome home Elder Cramer!


A few videos and the rest of the photos are here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Identity Crisis

Today Joe said "Isn't it weird that Dee Dee's name used to be Destiny?" and as soon as Dee heard that last word, her ears perked up and she turned to look right at us. For the next 10 minutes, we called random words toward her, but she only turned when she heard Destiny. It's funny/sad that we thought we could just stop calling her what she was called for 7 years, but I'm glad we figured it out. She's still Dee Dee to me, but we'll call her the correct name when she's in earshot.

For the record: Lucky has only ever been called Lucky, but he is too dumb to respond to it.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, great

So Joe and I were at the Employee Picnic today (yeah, 'cause we're that awesome,) and I was like "Let's go," and Joe was like "No, let's wait for the raffle! I'm going to win!" and I was like "Booooo," and Joe was like "Come on." So we waited.

And Joe won.

Of course.

Now I'll never get to leave anything early ever again.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Every Sunday we are in charge of seven 3-year-olds for about 100 minutes. I feel tons of pressure to make sure they come away learning something while still having fun. But it's hard to keep their attention for more than a few minutes. We rely a LOT on youtube clips (and have had a few close-calls with some questionable content...ALWAYS preview before class! And never trust clips just because they're "Bible-related"), silly songs, and bathroom breaks. Coloring takes up a few more minutes, as does passing around a fly-swatter in the shape of the hand and asking each child what they learned today. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!


In a moment of brilliance, Joe told the class to pretend they were taking naps, (at least the lesson was on how to take care of our bodies). This took up at least three minutes of class time.


Before opening exercises...

Michael: Sister Cramer (kray-mour), where' boy-dad of you?

Me: Brother Cramer?

Michael: Yeah, where's him at?


On a lesson about the Sabbath...

Joe: What's another word for Sunday? Sah...Sah...

Kids: Saturday!!


On Easter...

Jasper: ...and then we're going to talk to Jesus on Skype!


At the end of any lesson...

Joe: What are you going to tell your parents you learned today?

Cami: Jesus.


After a choking incident...

Joe: Jasper, are you okay?

Jasper: Yeah, but...but...he CHOKED me.


During a sharing time lesson on mistakes (and how we all make them sometimes)...

Bishop: Sometimes we make mistakes

Kid (not ours): Yeah, like sometimes I poop my pants and that's a mistake


During a sharing time lesson on how hanging with our families is fun...

Teacher: What are some things that are fun to do with our families?

Poop-pants kids: I LIVE BY A CEMETERY!


After a lesson on being thankful for our hands, Joe taught the kids some "special" high-fives (down low/too slow, outer space/in your face).

Kids, to each other: "Give me, give me five. Hey, hey. Ummmm, give me five. Up high. Down low. IN YOUR FACE!" ...giggles...


Joe's on-going joke with adorable Piper...

Joe/week 1 of class: What is your favorite color?

Piper/week 1 of class: I like pink and pohrpul

Joe/week 3 of class: Is your favorite color yellow?

Piper/week 3 of class: No! My favorite colors are pink and pohrpul

Joe/week 10 of class: Well, I know Piper really likes blue and red

Piper/week 10 of class: I like pink and porhpul

She still hasn't really caught on. It's great.


One of the parents told me today that a kid saw us in Sacrament meeting and said "Look! My teachers are at church!" They have no idea who we are outside of the Primary rooms.

Parents Invade

My parents came to town a few weeks ago. We got to:

-sleep in
-lay out by the pool
-visit the Capitol
-order pizza
-visit the Library of Congress
-play Guitar Hero
-paint the kitchen
-see the night parade at 8th and I
-go to Five Guys
-hang a new lighting fixture

Miss you guys already! See you in August!

Cramers x 2

Ben and Shauna came to visit a few weeks ago. It was rainy, and we couldn't get a lot of time off work, but it was great to see them!


The boys loved "petting" the cats (the cats were not so fond, but recovered quickly).


Zach really trying to reach them.


We pulled the mattress out for easier access.


Cramer boys

All other cat-chasing photos are here.