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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Every Sunday we are in charge of seven 3-year-olds for about 100 minutes. I feel tons of pressure to make sure they come away learning something while still having fun. But it's hard to keep their attention for more than a few minutes. We rely a LOT on youtube clips (and have had a few close-calls with some questionable content...ALWAYS preview before class! And never trust clips just because they're "Bible-related"), silly songs, and bathroom breaks. Coloring takes up a few more minutes, as does passing around a fly-swatter in the shape of the hand and asking each child what they learned today. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!


In a moment of brilliance, Joe told the class to pretend they were taking naps, (at least the lesson was on how to take care of our bodies). This took up at least three minutes of class time.


Before opening exercises...

Michael: Sister Cramer (kray-mour), where' boy-dad of you?

Me: Brother Cramer?

Michael: Yeah, where's him at?


On a lesson about the Sabbath...

Joe: What's another word for Sunday? Sah...Sah...

Kids: Saturday!!


On Easter...

Jasper: ...and then we're going to talk to Jesus on Skype!


At the end of any lesson...

Joe: What are you going to tell your parents you learned today?

Cami: Jesus.


After a choking incident...

Joe: Jasper, are you okay?

Jasper: Yeah, but...but...he CHOKED me.


During a sharing time lesson on mistakes (and how we all make them sometimes)...

Bishop: Sometimes we make mistakes

Kid (not ours): Yeah, like sometimes I poop my pants and that's a mistake


During a sharing time lesson on how hanging with our families is fun...

Teacher: What are some things that are fun to do with our families?

Poop-pants kids: I LIVE BY A CEMETERY!


After a lesson on being thankful for our hands, Joe taught the kids some "special" high-fives (down low/too slow, outer space/in your face).

Kids, to each other: "Give me, give me five. Hey, hey. Ummmm, give me five. Up high. Down low. IN YOUR FACE!" ...giggles...


Joe's on-going joke with adorable Piper...

Joe/week 1 of class: What is your favorite color?

Piper/week 1 of class: I like pink and pohrpul

Joe/week 3 of class: Is your favorite color yellow?

Piper/week 3 of class: No! My favorite colors are pink and pohrpul

Joe/week 10 of class: Well, I know Piper really likes blue and red

Piper/week 10 of class: I like pink and porhpul

She still hasn't really caught on. It's great.


One of the parents told me today that a kid saw us in Sacrament meeting and said "Look! My teachers are at church!" They have no idea who we are outside of the Primary rooms.


Marika said...

Tee hee! I wanna come!

deanna said...

sweet sweet children. It's so nice you can send them to their parents after class each week.

Liz H. said...

this. is. hilarious.

molly said...

I giggled so hard at these, Britt! SO funny.

Pear said...

oh man. i loves stuff like this.