Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finish Line: Update

In-school days left of internship: 17 
Real days (including weekends) left of internship: 26 
Days left of being a GW student: 31 
Days until I start my new job: 40

New job...
Like, the real-life, grown-up, post-graduate-degree kind of new job. 

Kind of crazy.

Still procrastinating.

Some things never change.

I graduated...

...kind of. Officially, I'm still taking one more class and will be done in 31 days. The last class I have to take is all research and statistics and literature review and proposals and my brain is mushy whenever I think about it, but it's cool.

So yeah, back to the "graduation". Most schools hold one, big graduation in the spring for all of their graduates, so ta-da! I got dressed up and walked across a stage and got my rolled up piece of paper.

It was lots of fun. My parents flew out for a few days, and it was awesome, as always, to see them. The day of the event downtown went really crazy traffic or parking issues, no rain during pictures, etc. It was fun to be with my school friends and remind ourselves that we're almost there!

Thanks again to the amazing Ashley Pinney, my official photographer for the day :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Joe Cut His Hair

Of course, since we took so long to update the blog, it's longer than this now...but you get the idea.

I Went to California

I spent a lovely few days in California with my parents, brother and his family. The weather was so-so, but gave me a chance to catch up on A LOT of sleep! I had a great time playing with my nephew and didn't mind losing TWICE at Hand-and-Foot :)

Kitties in Action

Lucks vs. the Water Fountain. 

Deeds vs. The World

Finish Line...

I took my comprehensive exams this weekend!

For anyone keeping track, I have: 

50 days,
18 hours
...and counting...

left of my internship. 
Between now and then I have:

*final project (that i should be working on right now)
*one. last. awful. demanding. class. twice a week. in dc. 
*weekly lesson planning
*unending amounts of procrastination
*eventual need to get certified and other teacher stuff

Tons of anxiety.
No clue what I'll be doing after Day 51 :)
Already starting to miss my kiddos. 
And my AMAZING co-workers/classmates.
Can't wait to stop feeling bad every time I'm having fun
since I know I should be doing homework/lesson planning!

Cutiehead Jeremy

Today was Jeremy's blessing. He's super adorable. I took some photos.

Five Years

Yup, we've been married for five years! We celebrated at a super swanky dinner in DC, followed by a rooftop party thrown by Joe's friends. It was a great night! I also started playing with our photos on Picnik to make us extra pretty :)