Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cube Cats

Ikea totally had cats in mind when they made this cube furniture.

Study Buddies

My 12-credit summer semester was only five weeks long, and I never really had good sleeping habits the entire time. Sometimes I would stay up until 3:00 writing papers, and Lucky would "help" me.

And then other times I would just lose my mind, and take photos of the cats.
This is me saying "Whoa! Lucky is so small!"

And now I'm saying something like "Look out; the cats are fighting!"

And now I'm bored because the cat fight is lame.

I'm pretty sure this semester I'll need to rest up more...for the sake of the students :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays...

Joe and I go back to school on Monday.

Check back in with us next year.


Aspen Grove

We went to Utah.
With 88 of Joe's family members.
It was awesome.
We have over 2000 pictures.
Here are 2 of them.

Good Friends Friday

Aspen Grove was followed by catching up with great friends. I stayed in Utah County to see a few friends, then joined Joe in Sandy to see a few more.

Dawn was my supervisor during my short stint at FirstWest Benefit Solutions in 2006-2007. Besides having an awesome first name, (which is my middle name,) she shares a birthday with my mom. Dawn was and is an amazing friend, and I'm glad we got to catch up...and eat Bajio :)

Next I got to see Betsy! Betsy was my roommate from late 2002-mid 2004. She was on the ballroom dance team, and pretty much the nicest person ever. We had tons of fun together. Betsy and her husband Karson adopted an ADORABLE girl last year who was born three months early; I was so happy to finally meet her after following her progress on their blog! Go here to see Izzy about a year ago. Such a cute little miracle, and it was so fun to see Betsy and Karson as parents :)

Jenice needs no introduction, but I'm sooooo glad we were both crazy enough to take jobs as children's photographers at Kiddie Kandids in 2003 :) Those were the days... Jenice has her own adorable bundle of joy, who is super cute...even when he's sleeping and STILL wont let me hold him. This is honestly the best picture we got of the two of us. That's me laughing and you can kind of see Jenice's neck and shoulders...she's also laughing. A lot. But that's what we do when we get together: a) drink Dr. Pepper, b) take a ridiculous picture, or c) both.

And rounding out the day-o-friends visits, Jared and Em were nice enough to have us all over for pizza and laughs. From the left: Nicole, Dan, Britt, Joe, Nate, Camron, Marcus, Emily and Jared. Lots of catching up and lots of laughs. Some things never change, and I'm so glad we can get together after all these years, (6+) and have a good time. As I was writing this, I thought we should give a shoutout to Jacob; without him we wouldn't know any of these guys! Camron was Jacob's roommate, and the rest is history :)

It was awesome to see how everyone is doing...are we grown ups yet? I'm not sure if this counts or not.


After all the fun in Utah, I got to spend some quality time with some quality people. I flew into Phoenix and my wonderful friend Holly picked me up. We drove to Lake Havasu and met up with my mom and aunt Jeri. Holly stayed over, and the next day we laid by the pool and played a lot of games. After Holly left we continued to lay by the pool and play a lot of games, (Hand & Foot, Nertz, Baseball, 10,000, etc.) Then mom, Jeri and I drove over to see Jake and Asher, (Carter was away for business). Asher continues to be adorable and hilarious and really photogenic. Our final destination was Vegas where we enjoyed free food and $1 bowling after midnight.

Way fun. Also, we took zero photos in Havasu because we were too busy and/or never wore makeup.

Sometimes, we look nice... we take pictures on our balcony.