Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Joe's "asleep with the cats" photos are slightly more flattering than mine are


Fun Uncle

Joe told his nephews that if they did a special dance, their xbox game would load faster :)

Joe has always been a fun uncle. He loves his nieces and nephews so much. With a quick search, I found these great photos. I know there are 10x as many available, (and lots that need to be scanned!) but I thought they were cute enough to share:

Okay, technically Dave should be getting more "fun uncle" credit since he's on the bottom of the pile.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family History

Our church hosted a family history night, and we were able to display some of the neat things Joe's sister Anita has compiled and shared with us over the years. We're so grateful for all her hard work to document and preserve our family's history! She is so thoughtful to produce all of these tangible items for us, but appeals to our digital desires as well with this amazing blog she wrote last year: Family Tree Rings. She honored her ancestors on their birthdays with a summary of their lives and what gift she would have given to them.

Thanks for all you do Anita! It is truly appreciated.

Hank for Senate

Hank is a cat. He's running for Senate in Virginia. We got to meet him, and even took a picture with his stand-in (because who wants to pose for photos all day?)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cat play date

Our friends brought their adorable cat over last week to see how he would react to other cats, (they are thinking of getting another one). We've always felt like Deeds and Lucks were missing out; they came from a home with 3 other cats, and we just assume they're lonely and would like more friends. We were wrong. They're just fine :)

Oh hai, new friend.

Boots is wondering if this a good idea or not.

DeeDee took it upon herself to "secure" the house. Boots was allowed to walk in the living room, but once he got close to the dining room, she lost it. Lots of hissing...very uncharacteristic of Deeds (except for the stubbornness; that is so totally DeeDee).

So then Boots kept climbing back in his crate. He ended up in this "hiding spot" for a bit.

 And then Lucky tried to run away.

Playdate over.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturdates with Lala

Take one BFF from grad school.

Add SkeeBall,

dinner (not pictured,) and dessert,

and you get another successful Chinatown takeover.

p.s. you should be totally jealous because she was proposed to at CINDERELLA'S CASTLE in freaking DISNEY WORLD. It was totally adorable, and she is so cute and I'm going to miss her so much when she moves to Boston in a few months. But I'm super duper excited for her new adventure!