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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Xbox Live

My Xbox account got hacked, and I finally got it back. The Tl;Dr version is that Microsoft customer support is very good, but when they say it will take up to 30 business days, they mean it. Total it took like 2 months to get my account back.

I don't know how it was hacked, but someone took over the account, and transfered my subscription and MS points to another account (total value ~$60). It's one of those frustrating situations where you would literally pay the person $80 NOT to do it. It's not the money, but the fact that you route your online life through one account and its a pain to re do everything.

The second frustration is that everything important is ancient. It's all routed through your Hotmail account, which you haven't touched since 1999. The passwords are from a bygone era. I think half of my passwords back then had to do with Party of 5 and RL Stine novels. The other problem is the "secret questions" that they use to identify you. They are equally dated, and by not knowing then YOU sound like the hacker, and then microsoft gets all suspicious of you. Also, half of them are publicly accesible, such as your mother's maiden name. This is how a string of celebrities recently all had their accounts hacked, its because all of their secret questions could be answered with a 2 second google search. Paris Hilton actually had the name of her dog as her secret question.

ID Theft makes you feel totally taken advantage of. It's mean. Anyway, I'm glad to have my account back, even though I'm on self imposed video game exile until finals are over. Safe gaming everyone!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite Song?

Do you have a favorite song? I have a lot that I like. But if I had to name one my favorite, I would say "This is not an exit" by Saves The Day. It's a being proud of the life you've lived.

Leave your favorite song in the comments.

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