Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Giggles

Yesterday at Church, we were without our "overflow" gym seating, so the Bishop asked some of us to sit on the stand in the choir seats. Right before the Sacrament hymn started, Joe grabbed the hymnal and started flipping through the pages really fast to get to the right page in time. Except when he got to the right spot, THE PAGE WAS MISSING!

That's all it took...for two whole verses we were bent over in our seats, giggling uncontrollably. My face was bright red, and we just kept whisper-laughing "STOP LAUGHING!" to each other. Had we not been on the stand, where the rest of the ward could see us laughing at a really inappropriate time, I don't know how funny this would have been. As I write this, it doesn't even seem that funny anymore. But trust me, it was.

I love so much that Joe and I both have families and great friends that love to laugh...and giggle...and stop breathing...and then burst into giggles again on occasion due to over-laughter/inappropriateness of said laughter.

Like one time we were in Park City, and Marcus's fake leg fell off and we all yelled "OH NO!" and some people who didn't know him thought his actual leg had just fallen off.

Sometimes I will think about that and just start laughing and can't tell Joe what I'm laughing about for a few minutes, so he has to guess. Then as he's guessing, he's telling me other funny things and I start laughing about those, too.

My name is Brittney, and I'm a giggleholic.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks, Dad.

So even worse than the actual Snowpocalypse has been the aftermath: The roads and parking lots we frequent are now icy death traps. Potholes, abruptly-ending lanes, 12-foot snowbanks obstructing any idea of how safe it is to pull out/merge, and crazy drivers have made for a super stressful week of driving.

Luckily, I have an awesome dad who let me do totally illegal things like start driving 4-wheelers when I was eight years old. I'm a very confident, defensive, cautious (and Joe would add impatient...but only because I am the ONLY person on the road who knows how to drive, duh) driver now, and I think my extra years behind the wheel (or throttle) have taught me well. THANKS DAD!


Monday, February 15, 2010

We Survivied Snopocalypse 2010.

I have no idea how to make this post sound cute or funny. My brain is not functioning at full capacity due to lack of use. Let's just get down to business, shall we?

Friday, then Saturday:

We were without power for about 8 we took pictures of the cats and listened to our emergency radio.

Our first big outing was to see our neighbors on Saturday. These are cars.

This is the major road near us (4+ lanes).

And a tree.

Church was canceled for two weeks. This was Super Bowl Sunday:

Lucky expressed a sincere interest in walking in the snow on the balcony,

so we decided to take him outside. This is what happened when we put a leash on him:

He was not a fan of the snow.

We left the house another time, just to walk around the complex.

Then one time we braved the barely-plowed roads to get some Elevation Burger goodness.
Then we painted the bedroom (pics to come later).

I did get to tutor on Tues. and Fri. in between storms, but had 7 school snow days in the last two weeks. Joe had 4. Our metro station was closed all of last week.

I went back to school today (sans students,) and have no idea how the buses and parents will make it tomorrow. There is barely a lane and a half leading to the school, with 8+ foot snowbanks in the parking lot. 

That's all. No more snow please.