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Monday, February 15, 2010

We Survivied Snopocalypse 2010.

I have no idea how to make this post sound cute or funny. My brain is not functioning at full capacity due to lack of use. Let's just get down to business, shall we?

Friday, then Saturday:

We were without power for about 8 we took pictures of the cats and listened to our emergency radio.

Our first big outing was to see our neighbors on Saturday. These are cars.

This is the major road near us (4+ lanes).

And a tree.

Church was canceled for two weeks. This was Super Bowl Sunday:

Lucky expressed a sincere interest in walking in the snow on the balcony,

so we decided to take him outside. This is what happened when we put a leash on him:

He was not a fan of the snow.

We left the house another time, just to walk around the complex.

Then one time we braved the barely-plowed roads to get some Elevation Burger goodness.
Then we painted the bedroom (pics to come later).

I did get to tutor on Tues. and Fri. in between storms, but had 7 school snow days in the last two weeks. Joe had 4. Our metro station was closed all of last week.

I went back to school today (sans students,) and have no idea how the buses and parents will make it tomorrow. There is barely a lane and a half leading to the school, with 8+ foot snowbanks in the parking lot. 

That's all. No more snow please.


Alli said...

Cats on leashes are hysterical. And I hope you don't get any more snow for like 5 years.

Karson, Betsy, and Baby Izzy said...

That is crazy! I think it sounds kind of fun to be trapped inside and watch the snow fall. I guess it would get old after a while. :)

Ashley said...

Those Elevation Burgers look delish, where is that place?