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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Joe and I went to see a movie @ midnight last weekend in DC. It's been out for over 6 years, and still gets played at independent theaters around the world because its that. unintentionally. funny.

People go to watch the movie just to yell at the screen. We read up on all the things you're supposed to do during the movie, which included:

-Yelling "FOCUS" every time the camera goes out of focus.
-Singing the "Full House" theme song during shots of San Francisco townhomes.
-Throwing plastic spoons when you see the framed photo of a spoon on the foyer table.
-Tossing a football between friends during totally unexplained, pathetic football-throwing sessions on screen.

It was an awesome cinematic experience.  
Joe: "I thought I was going to suffocate from laughter."


molly said...

ok. you win. i'm going to netflix it.

deanna said...

um...what was that scene about?
I didn't laugh OR suffocate from the thought of laughing....he just bought some flowers.

Dan and Nicole said...

This is totally unrelated but you look really good in that picture Britt!

Ashley said...

I've heard about this movie!! It's like, the words make sense, but the acting is atrocious! How fun!

The Gainors said...

that sounds awesome. what is it called?

David said...

i laughed... how can i watch more?

オテモヤン said...
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