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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joe's Birthday in Orlando

A few weeks ago we celebrated Joe's birthday at the Gaylord Resort in Orlando. It was a quick weekend away, just enough time to enjoy the (only very slightly) warmer weather and watch some of the MLG National Championship games being played in the Conference Center.

The Gaylord hotel rooms surround an atrium covering 4.5 acres of gardens and waterways. Our room was in "The Everglades". 

We got some great seats for the All-Star game. I never know who to root for when there's an "East vs. West" competition...
There was MAJOR drama when the xbox for one of the teams had to be re-started. They were favored to win it all, but couldn't recover after this setback.

We had tons of fun being silly

and eating at the hotel's restaurants.

Before heading home, we stopped by Downtown Disney. It was freezing! We opted to just go to the airport early and watch some playoff football :)

Happy birthday Joe!

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