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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December stuff we failed to blog about

Dave came to visit! He was just here Friday night-EARLY Monday morning, but he got to see his friends, host a Halo party, and enjoy a family dinner with us (without cutting his finger off).

It snowed. A lot. You might have heard about it. We couldn't leave our condo for about 36 hours, church was canceled, and then Britt enjoyed three snow days while Joe only got one.

Christmas happened. There was eating, present-giving, and relaxing.

My parents came to visit. They win for most visits in 2009. We played lots of Yahtzee and Hand & Foot, taught dad how to use the XBox to stream Netflix movies, and did one (freezing) day of sightseeing. We only made it to the Library of Congress and the Ford Theater/bed where Lincoln died across the street...with a trip in between to watch Sherlock Holmes just to warm up :)

We caught up with good friends. Jacob came to town and brought his girlfriend Ashley. She's pretty awesome, so we saw them a few times. Once we met up with even more friends and ate at Ray's Hell Burgers...WHICH IS NOW SERVING FRENCH AND SWEET POTATO FRIES. Just saying.

We rocked New Year's Eve. Just kidding. We kind of treated it like the rest of our break and stayed lazy. But it was wonderful. We joined about 20 other people in downtown Falls Church for a bit, then celebrated at home where it was not freezing cold.


deanna said...

SO...MUCH....FUN. I beat the locals in WI at Yahtzee the other night. Maybe it earned me some nice pocket cash.

Liz H. said...

so much snow! wow. that pic of snow covering the car is pretty unbelieveable.