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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Return of Dave

Since Dave's been home for a whole week, it's probably time to write about the Homecoming.

Anita & Family came out earlier in the week, and we got to meet up with them on Tuesday for a DC duck tour and to see Night at the Museum AT the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.




After the movie, we walked back to their hotel in the rain. Anita was super prepared and had ponchos and an umbrella for us. We were quite the group!


On Thursday, Joe and I showed up to the airport first and ran into family friend Joszef. He and his wife waited with us to greet Dave.


Then Dave finally got through was great to see him!


As we were walking towards the car, Anita, Matt and the kids were hiding around a corner and surprised him. He almost walked right past his sister :) P1050677



For Dave's first back-to-America meal, we all went to Five Guys. Here are the FIVE GUYS at Five Guys...get it?


Joe and I were very excited for the dessert we brought...a personalized cake.


After realizing we could never make something on our own, we placed an order with Joe had an idea of what we wanted, and sent some images for cousin Greg to photoshop together. This is what we sent in:


We waited a little too last minute to get the cake and have the image applied, so this is what we got:


Still pretty awesome, no?


Dave was released Thursday night, and we all had different plans for most of Friday. We met up that night at the temple visitor's center for a one-man comedy show.


On Saturday we went to a party held for Dave and two other recently returned missionaries from the area.


On Sunday we enjoyed hearing Dave's talk in Church. After, Barb made us a great meal that we enjoyed. On Monday we said goodbye to the Utah crew, and Dave started working downtown. He's staying with us for a few weeks, but I'm not sure how much we'll get to see him between work, friends and Church activities. He already went home teaching tonight!

We know he did a great thing, but we're glad to have him back. Welcome home Elder Cramer!


A few videos and the rest of the photos are here

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