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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Date Night

One of the best things about working (me) and going to school (Joe) at GW is that we're already downtown. So if after work and/or school we want to do something in DC, it's like hey, we're already there!

After work last weekend we went to the E Street Cinema; they specialize in independent films, foreign-language films, and documentaries. Those first two types of movies don't usually catch my attention, but I LOVE a well-made documentary. We saw Man on Wire, the story about a French acrobat who walked across a high wire between the Twin Towers in 1974. The story was fascinating; this guy saw a photo in a newspaper of the Towers being built and said he just knew he wanted to pull this off. Years later, and with the help of friends, he snuck into one of the buildings, set up the wires overnight, and then walked back and forth on the wire for 45 minutes. I think what really struck me was this guy's passion for life, and I love that he wasn't protesting a war or bringing attention to a cause--he just wanted to walk on a wire between the Twin Towers because he could. Anyway, it was a great movie.
Oh, and the theater has Italian we are definitely going back :)

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deanna said...

I had soda when I was Italy. Miss you kids.