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Saturday, September 20, 2008

five? 'kay!

Today was my big race! I didn't sleep very well last night, but woke up right at 7 to get ready. Joe was very supportive and drove me over and waited patiently for me to finish. The course was a little harder than what I'm used to; (a track a no-hill jogging trail) there were a few hills. But I jogged the whole time and paced myself really well. I felt awesome after the run, but may have overdone it by running a ton of errands today. I'm pretty sore tonight. But it was lots of fun! I'm really glad I did it, and look forward to jogging some more. UPDATE: I just got my official time from (boo, active sucks) 35:59.
Tying this thing on my shoe that tracked my time.
My classic "I don't know what I'm doing; why are you taking a picture and not helping me?" Face.

With my friend Katie from work. She's been very supportive of my Couch-to-5k efforts, and strongly encouraged (forced) me to commit and sign up for a race so I had a goal to work towards. Thanks Katie!


Alli said...

YAY! Congrats on the first run.

Brent & Lindsey said...

I am sooo VERY proud of you!!

Erica said...

YAY BRITTY!!!! I'm SO proud of you! Yay running!

deanna said...

Good job! Faster than I could do right now I'm sure.