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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My dad would be proud

When I got in the car tonight to go to Trader Joe's (I know, I'm so awesome,) I noticed that the gas tank was almost 3/4 of the way when I got home, I had to look at our bank account to see that the last time we put gas in our car was August 23. 18 days, and we still have enough gas for like a million trips to Costco. My dad would be so proud!

This almost-ran-out-of-gas fiasco occurred during our Thanksgiving roadtrip. I think we filled the tank with 1/10 gallon to spare. Joe has obviously been a very bad influence on me.

I was kind of (a lot) spoiled to get 2 cars from my parents in high school (not at the same time, of course). I was required to get a job to pay for gas and the occasional speeding ticket. Beyond that, I had two obligations:
1) Always keep the gas tank at least half-full I'm still not sure exactly why my dad demanded this; I think that a.) it kept me from running out of gas, and b.) if there was ever an emergency, and we needed to get out of Lincoln City, we could always make it to Grandma's house 'cause she had the food storage.
2) Keep my car clean, inside and out. This would include times when my dad would passive-aggressively get his own vehicles out to wash in the driveway...sometimes on Saturday mornings. I would eventually make it outside in my pajamas and half-heartedly help.
Luckily, there was no "Don't sit on your car" rule, because apparently I liked to do that.

It's just funny that after all this time, I'm still very aware of the gas in the tank and the cleanliness of the car. Joe can't really appreciate this, so I thought I would tell all our readers.


Erica said...

Remember it was the half-tank full of gas rule that got your parents out of Lincoln City after that horrible storm last year! It's true! Keep your tank half full! (This must be an Ellingson thing...)

Wells said...

Well, I'm jealous, we each go through a tank a week here...

Brent & Lindsey said...

I have SO many memories in the red camaro!!

deanna said...
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deanna said...

My mom hates me for always funning out of gas and having to call her for help. BUT I did follow the always wear clean underwear rule!