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Sunday, September 20, 2009

$6 Bedroom Makeover

A few months ago Glidden was offering free paint samples so I ordered Deepest Aqua with no real plans for it. When it came in the mail, I realized it would actually look good with our new bedding. So after obsessing and over-thinking about what exactly to do with it, I went a little craft-crazy this week and came up with the following:

This is an old cake pan...I painted it, glued some scrapbook paper to it, and now it's a magnet board. $1 for the cake pan at a thrift store.

We have lots of random things in our storage unit from the last homeowner. I finally went through it and found extra shelves. So I painted the racks and hung the shelves. FREE.

See all the stuff on the shelves? Those are office organizers, cardboard boxes, soup cans, Trader Joe's plastic containers, etc. I just painted everything aqua or white. Funny how a cardboard box can look okay if you paint it. $2 for the sample of white paint at Home Depot.

The plate idea came to me at the thrift store. I got 2 plastic and one tin plate, then painted with the aqua, white, and some leftover green from the rest of the bedroom. $3 for plates.

I'm patting myself on the back for this one. Thanks to Joe for staying out of my way, repeating "Yes, Dear" a lot, and looking impressed when it mattered.


molly said...

crafty! I like it.

Ashley said...

This is fantastic! The room looks really great!!

Liz H. said...

look at how cute you are! i love the plates especially.

The Hawkins said...

You are so good at this. You should go on one of the home design channels. You can start with my house if you would like.