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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cups are not for drinking out of

Last night Joe and I ended up in Chinatown after school. It was late enough that we could just walk into Matchbox without waiting, and we had one of my favorite meals in DC yet. I got the mozzi carrozzi and chopped salad. Joe strayed from his usual order of sliders and got the real deal: the bistro burger. We even got dessert!! The trio included molten chocolate cake, sorbet trio, and house-made (warm, delicious) doughnuts.
And this is when a classic Britt moment occurred. See that little cup next to the doughnuts in the back? Well, at our favorite steak place, Rays the Steaks, they sometimes give you a little cup of DELICIOUS hot chocolate at the end of your meal (or if you go to Ray's Hell Burgers when it's cold outside, they have it in a dispenser and you can get lots). So I sipped a little; not bad. Then our waiter comes up a few minutes later and is like "Make sure not to drink that; that would be disgusting. It's for dipping your doughnuts into." Well, duh...I would never drink something THAT CAME IN A CUP. Geez, false advertising. Then he told me it was kahlua-flavored coffee, and my bubble-burst was complete. Still the best dessert ever.

This reminded me of my surprise birthday lunch at Kinkeads. I got halibut, and they give me the fish and this lemon inside a little net. I had no idea what to do with it, so I rubbed it on my fish. Joe about fell off his chair, and showed me how to SQUEEZE the lemon on the fish. I told him it was his fault for not taking me to swanky places to eat more often. I grew up on McDonald's and the buffet at Sizzler; some things just go right over my head.

Anyway, you know you're in a cool restaurant when they have these hand-blowers in the bathroom. I love these things; you feel like there is no possible way for your hands to be any drier after a hand-washing.
Yeah, I took a picture in the bathroom.

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Dan Davis said...

They have those hand blowers in the Wilk now. They are sweet!!!