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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear Lake

Joe and I had an awesome week with the his family at Bear Lake. Barb took care of everything, so it was up to us to relax and enjoy hanging out with parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews. Some highlights included: riding the Sea-Doos on the lake; going to the local theater to see "Annie Get Your Gun"; playing in the pool; playing tennis, frisbee, kickball, etc; sleeping in (!)

These are just a few photos from the fun. The rest are on Flickr here


Marika said...

WTH is up with having matching shirt pictures, um... twice?

Other than that, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun :-)


PS for the next Vegas trip, check out the Stratosphere--we just got it at $23/night, and the beds are definitely comfy! (and the pool is fun! no, not the topless one!)

Arya said...

Hey, I know where that is!! we used to have our family reunions up there and I think the next one will be there. I had the best time at Bear Lake.

Bob said...

Joe, you look like a frisbee master. Instead of throwing Halo parties, you should be throwing frisbees. I haven't played a game of Ultimate since I moved to Virginia, and that is a shame.

Sarah and Robbie said...

Fun times . . . I want to go to bear lake and hang out with you.

Mrs. Horton said...

Love the matchy-matchy-ness. Reminds me of our family reunion pictures :)