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Friday, August 7, 2009

Before We Go...

A few things before we go:

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a thrift store called Unique. It has changed my life. I went once just to get a feel for the layout. Then a few days later to get a feel for 50% off day. Then I started buying things. Joe finally went with me and got a few things, too. So far we've spent $50 and have: 4 pairs of shoes (including the ones above,) and 8 shirts. Good stuff, too. Like I've worn everything a lot.

We got a new camera. The other one still takes pictures, but the LCD screen is broken. I'm still learning all the features, but here's a fun picture of a ladybug I took today.

I love my new job. The first picture is from the lunch of one of my kids. The second is from today, Water Day. We had to talk them into it, but they loved it eventually. I really look forward to seeing these little guys every day, and I like my co-workers, too.

Joe surprised me with a date night last week to Wolf Trap. We saw "Broadway Rocks" with the National Symphony Orchestra and some Broadway singers. It was my first time to Wolf Trap, a national park/concert venue. Gorgeous! Oh, and there's a shuttle from the Metro station so that made it extra awesome.

Last night we went to Gordon Smith's house in Bethesda to listen to Campbell Gray, the director for BYU's Museum of Art. He had some great stories...almost enough to make me sad I didn't go to the MOA more often when I had the chance. Almost. Anyway, I guess those are the kinds of things you get to go to when you live near DC/have a husband in law school/know Lew Cramer.

Tomorrow we leave for Utah. In a few days we're off to Bear Lake with the immediate family. My vacation will continue for another week to Oregon and Vegas while Joe comes back to make sure the cats didn't do too much damage to the place. Speaking of...check out the lamest cat fight video ever. This is how they fight 75% of the time, and it kills me 100% of the time.


Lytle said...

Oh man, I can't believe that I spent my life-seconds watching a cat video... I don't know why, but I laughed so hard at the end. I think b/c of the title you gave it - "The lamest cat fight ever" - and you GIGGLING in the background. I even made Darwin watch some of it. I can't believe I haven't even seen you yet. That is so lame.

deanna said...

love your hair. love those red shoes. and love you kids...or really really like you a lot for sure!

Alli said...

That was really funny. I enjoyed the smoothing of the fur and cleaning the face when the fight was over.