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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sew awesome!

For my "official" anniversary present (before I knew Joe was going to get me a pack of massages,) I begged him to let me get a sewing machine, promising I would use it a lot.

That was almost three months ago.

I finally finished a project! All by myself! It's a teeny tiny baby blanket (like 18x24",) for one of my visiting teachees.

Please excuse the moire effect; we're still rocking the broken-LCD'd camera, so there's no way to know what these photos are going to look like before I upload them :)

Anyway, sewing projects are fun. Thanks to Liz for the moral support and suggesting I get an awesome book that pretty much taught me how to do everything. Good times.


Shauna said...

Looks awesome! What book did Liz recommend?

Abbie said...

Fancy word there: moire. Geez. How did you know that?

Alli said...

Pretty. I am so impressed. I've had my sewing machine for 10 months and still have not used it. Maybe I should now!

Britt said...

Shauna-I got "Start Quilting with Alex Anderson" $10.36 on Amazon

Abbie-my days at Kiddie Kandids taught me many things :) It would be the worst when we took an awesome photo but ended up with funky patterns on the kid's shirt!

Alli-you can do it!! :)

molly said...

Congrats, kiddo! Keep it up.

And gold star for on the job kiddie kandids knowledge!

Arya said...

Looks great!! I am getting a new sewing machine next month!!

Wells said...

you're amazing!