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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I was so excited to have my friends Molly and Ashley stay with me last week. Molly stopped by on her way back to Oregon from a trip to Spain; Ashley came down from New York for the long weekend. Their visits overlapped by only a few hours, so there was no fighting over the guest room :) I enjoyed a shopping trip, dinner at Ray's, lunch at Guajillo, a few trips to Gravelly Point, Rock Band, showing off our Sunbeams, sending Ashley and Dave to the singles ward, and laying out by the pool.

Molly and me rockin Ray's Hell Burgers

Enjoying Cap'n Crunchberries Frapps at Gravelly Point

Ashley and I are totes matching! We had a few minutes to kill before taking Molly to the airport, so we took some photos (and I dropped my camera, which resulted in a much-delayed broken LCD screen. Whoops!)

Yep, we're pretty awesome.

At our first of two 4th of July BBQs in DC...after I found out the watermelon slices were soaked in tequila.

Joe and me...making sure you know it's the FOURTH.

Fireworks at the Mall. Don't let anyone tell you they've seen better 'cause it would be a lie. They were amazing!!

Another Gravelly Point shot. I love this place!


Playful Professional said...

DC really does have the best fireworks of anywhere I've ever seen! Agreed.

Sarah and Robbie said...

House guests are fun :)

And PS: Chitown does NOT have the best fireworks, they have the lamest fireworks- two years in a row. That's it- we're moving.

Ashley said...

YAY!!! What a great weekend!!! Thanks for the fabulous time I can't wait to come visit again!! :)