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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buhbye GWorld!

Wednesday was my last day at GW. It was bittersweet; I was very much looking forward to my new job, but I had a lot of reasons to be sad about leaving GWorld...namely I wouldn't be seeing all my BFFs every day.

In true GWorld fashion, I was surprised with delish chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes (courtesy of Steve's wife), a bag full of "school supplies" for my new job, and a very nice card. Joe came upstairs for a little while, and we all talked about how awesome I am. jk but everyone said really nice things about me, and I expressed how grateful I was that they decided to hire me (even though at the time I was living 2,000 miles away!)

Anyway, here's some photos of the event...

Stickers, pens, notebooks, pencils and more!

Best cupcakes I've ever had!

The group! This photo is the best for so many reasons: Tim is "in" the photo so I can't bug him about it...he's just hiding behind Alex; there is a huge dust/light blob over Flesz's face; Dave is totally photoboming; Emily's eyes are closed. Yup, perfect.

My buddy Sarah. Miss you babe!

The week before, Joe and I took our last GW lunch date to Subway and then sat in the park for awhile.

It's been fun!

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