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Friday, May 16, 2008

Transportation lessons I've learned in DC/VA

-The Metro doors WILL close on you. They will open so you can keep squeezing in, but they will first try to smush you.
-Sometimes roads are known by 2 different names. Sometimes they have one name until they run into another street with a different name. Sometimes there will be 2 streets with the same name. Apparently everyone out here is okay with this.
-There are 3 escalators from the Metro to the street. In the morning, 2 of them are moving toward the street and 1 is moving away from the street. In the evening, the opposite is true. It took me 2 weeks to put this one together.


Laundry & Children said...

Welcome to NOVA and don't worry you'll get used to the crazy way we get around. Soon you'll be cutting through neighborhoods to avoid traffic with the rest of us.

deanna said...

Also you don't ask a person if you can sit down or if the seat next to them is just sit and be quiet. Business business.

Sarah Culp said...
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Sarah and Robbie said...

hey you! i miss you guys!
and . . . i totally can commiserate with you about the DC transportation woes. Chicago is crazy sometimes, too: we totally have streets that go by two names and combine and then go by a different name and our escalators to the train are always changing directions . . . but we still love the "big" city. How are you liking it there overall? :)