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Monday, May 12, 2008

SUPER HUGE UPDATE #2: Leaving Orem

After packing up, the last week in Utah kind of flew by. We were able to enjoy a few things:

A Ben Folds concert with our bestest friends Emily, Jared and Marcus.

I stole this photo from Emily; it's Ben rockin out.

Our last Provo party that promised (and delivered) something we had never seen happened to be someone jumping his dirt bike over a house. He made it (barely).

An anniversary dinner at the Melting Pot; cool chocolate...

...and yummy things to dip in it!

This was just the end of our dinner. We had a cheese appetizer then like a million things for our entree. It kept us full for our overnight flight into Dulles for sure!


Reed and Liz said...

that food looks delicious! i've never been to the melting pot, but those photos make me want to go!

Joe said...

so delectable! you must try it.