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Monday, May 19, 2008

So today I decided to shake things up a bit...

...and get on the wrong metro. I was so excited to see a metro at the bottom of the escalator that I just got on it and didn't bother to notice it was the blue line, not the orange like I needed. I couldn't hear the driver over the speakers (which happens 99% of the time,) so I didn't notice until I saw the sunshine WAY too early in my commute that I was headed south instead of west. I was very smooth, and was able to find my way back to a transfer station then take my designated orange line (now super, duper full of people) back home. Then I took a nap; the whole thing exhausted me.

This is my usual route.
This was my alternative route today.


deanna said...

This happened once to me and Jenny while we were in Paris...almost missed our flight back to London.

**Em** said...

You're so adventurous! I don't get how people in big cities can get to where they need to go without carrying maps everywhere...I would get so lost.