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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Blind Date at the Bowling Alley

It was so much fun to re-live freshman memories at Ashley's this weekend. I got the opportunity to tell my Bowling Alley story, and realized some people may not know here it is.

It was early March, 2002. Ashley and I were walking home from ASL class, and she said hi to this really cute boy. I told her I wanted her to set us up. So she talked to him and planned a double date, (he set her up with his friend). The plan was to go bowling and get ice cream.

Up until this point, Joe and I had not talked too much. I admired him from afar; he was in Ashley's FHE group and was my friend Tessa's home teacher. So sometimes I would try and make joint FHE activities with Ashley's group, or happen to be "hanging out" with Tessa before her home teachers showed up. I couldn't tell if Joe was clueless or uninterested or just as chicken as I was to have a good conversation with him.

Anyway, Joe worked at the bowling alley freshman year, so I made Ashley call to reserve lanes because I was afraid to. We showed up, and he gave us a great deal. After we got our shoes, I took mine back up because they didn't fit right. Joe looked at my shoe size, and let me borrow his very own bowling shoes; I was totally flattered :) Throughout the night, he would come over to our group and bowl me a strike when it was my turn. Then he would just hang out and talk to me. But the very best part of the night was when I went to return Joe's shoes to him. After he took them, he kissed my hand! I think my date was in the bathroom or something (or who knows...I had forgotten about him by now,) but I think that was the beginning of "us."

I went out for ice cream with my original group, but couldn't get this kid out of my head. We had a whirlwind 7 weeks full of phone calls, movies, concerts, bowling trips, meals at the CougarEat, and late night drives through the canyon. I knew then that I wanted to marry Joe. And 4 years later, after a night at the bowling alley, I did! Love you baby!


The Gainors said...

that's awesome. i don't think i ever knew your guys' story.

Ashley said...

I LOVE this story!! Thanks for the fabulous weekend, it was so much fun catching up and laughing and having a great time! :)

Ashley said...

I hate to do this to you, but I just tagged you. (don't feel obligated if you don't want to do it, but if you do, look at my latest blog entry!)

Reed and Liz said...

yay! we're so glad that you got married too!

deanna said...

and the best wedding party place ever! I love you guys.

Wells said...

great story! i hadn't heard it before.