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Monday, May 12, 2008


Moving was quite the challenge for Joe and me. I don't know if you've noticed, but we're both amazing procrastinators. As much as we try to get things done the right way, we always end up scurrying at the end. The move was no exception, and since I lost my cell phone 2 days before we left, we ended up spending even more time not moving than usual. Somehow we got it done and managed to not kill each other and/or collapse from exhaustion.

"Joe's Room" was converted into a packing room.

Joe on one of his 100+ trips down to the Relocubes with boxes on a dolly.

The fan didn't quite make it. The cord got caught in the elevator doors and snapped off!
Cousin Erica who came and watched our stuff while we moved. You would never guess she had her own moving and finals to deal with :)

The only friends we made at Parkway, the Peterson's. We'll miss them so much, but appreciate them forwarding our mail since we've been gone.

Almost all packed up...

...and not a moment too soon!!

Dan and Nicole also came one night to help, and we received many other offers. We really would not have made it without our friends! ABF was great to work with, and we our Relocubes were picked up and dropped off when they were supposed to be!

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