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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Training For The Circus

A few weeks ago, I emailed some of my girlfriends to say was going to sign up for a trapeze class through TSNY, and they were all invited to join me. Five of them did, and 2 weeks ago we were on a trapeze in Chinatown!

From left to right: Lytle, Britt, Katie, Alex, Ashley and Emily

I was REALLY excited to not do this by myself, but SUPER DUPER excited that all these totally awesome ladies joined me. LYTLE and I go way back to Freshman year. She accompanied Joe, Jacob and me to a concert in SLC once, and had to hide a disposable camera in her hair so we could sneak it in. Later, Joe put a deer head in the trunk...we have some awesome pictures. I'm so glad she's in the DC area now!! KATIE and I used to work together at GWorld. We had many days where one of us would end up on the floor laughing while the other one had to leave the room. My favorite memory of Katie was hearing her on the phone with local non-English-speaking vendors, asking what their hours of operation would be over Inauguration weekend. " swearing in of the President." Awesome. ALEX is also a GWorld friend, but is currently one of Joe's co-workers. She plays a mad game of Blokus and can ROCK the mic on Rock Band. Alex also left a whole container of brownies at my house, so I blame her for my current non-weight-loss. ASHLEY is another friend I met Freshman year. I made her call the bowling alley where Joe worked to reserve lanes for our blind date. This is the night Joe let me borrow his bowling shoes and I got a kiss on the hand, so pretty much Ashley facilitated all that. Additionally, she helped transport 300 balloons to my wedding reception (and did a few more traditional bridesmaid duties,) so she's definitely a friend for life. Ash came down from NY for trapeze, but I'm pumped for her to move out here next year!! EMILY is my newest BFF; her husband Marc and Joe are GW buddies, and she got me my job so now we're co-workers. We have tons of fun every day and (hopefully) help keep each other sane.
This is Ashley, but you can see me climbing the ladder. Climbing the ladder was probably the scariest part...once you're swinging around, you don't think about things too much.

Joe was a great supporter and photographer. Thanks for supporting your crazy wife!

With the "original" crew for a celebratory dinner at Five Guys. I might have put chalk all over my arms then crossed my arms across my chest when I got nervous...but you can hardly tell ;)

Alex, Emily and I each bought 2 more classes (to get the 3rd one for free!) I will definitely post more photos/videos when they happen. For now, you can see the goods HERE


molly said...

sounds like amazing fun! So jealous!! Good for you girls.

deanna said...

So much fun! Get one installed at your house now!

Playful Professional said...

Oooh I want to do this! I wish I had friends that would do it with me!

Marika said...


Looks like so much fun! I used to work at the Hyatt across the street and was always amazed by the trapeze...ers... Anyway, I'll have to come see next time!