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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sports Guy

As if Joe didn't have a long enough day with work and school, we picked him up and went to Matchbox for dinner two weeks ago. I think I've blogged about Matchbox once or twice, but let me just tell you again: Loves it!

JJ, showing us the score of the Monday Night Football game on his iPhone

Marc & Emily

Britt & Joe

Yummy, yummy sliders

After dinner, Joe and I went to ESPNZone to meet Bill Simmons (the Sports Guy) and buy his book. Unfortunately, his book wasn't being officially released until midnight, so we were forced to watch the un-watchable Eagles vs. Redskins game while we waited in line. Bill was a great guy; here are some pictures of the top of his head.

I'm wearing a pink Favre jersey 'cause Sports Guy hates Favre and pink jerseys. I had three people ask me if I was going to the next Packers/Vikings game.

Happy to have our book!

The Sports Guy was funny 'cause he would write anything in your book. So Joe had a book and knew what he wanted, and I had a book that we were getting signed for Joe's cousin Greg. Joe told me about 5 times what I was supposed to get on the inside of Greg's book, but I kept forgetting. Then when I got up to Sports Guy, I was like "This is for Joe's cousin was I supposed to put?" (looking at Joe). This is what we got:

He wrote "Cousin Greg," which is awesome...and then totally added his own parentheses :)


Mrs. Horton said...

I love the face the dude is pulling behind you in your picture Britt. Almost a photobomb :)

Sarah and Robbie said...

Love it.

AND I like your pink jersey. :)

Marika said...

Who is that cute guy in the 1st pic? Can you set me up?

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