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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Joe was Dexter for Halloween. I realize that the only people who would "get" this probably don't read the blog, but I was kind of proud of the costume we put together. Dexter is a show that ran on CBS during the writer's strike.

Update: I look like the action figure!


Sandy Buffington said...

Love it! :)

Mrs. Horton said...

Yes! Love the costume!

Sarah and Robbie said...

A) We l-o-v-e Dexter

B) The costume is 100% awesome, very authentic looking

C) And with Angel! That is just the icing on the cake.

Are you still watching? We pretty much love it. (We don't get HBO, but we rent the seasons when they come out on DVD)

Shelby said...

Dave and I LOVE Dexter- that costume rocks! Is his friend dressed up as Batista? We JUST watched all 3 seasons in October/November. I have a link on my blog to Dexter, too! Love it.

Arya said...

I love that show...I sooo get it!

Marika said...

Um, I know about it and am reading the blog! hahaha