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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Google Voice

I hate listening to voice mails. Like so, so much. Luckily I average about 3 a month, so no biggie. But then I learned that Google Voice will just text you your voice mails, so I signed up for that.

I got this text tonight:
Hi Brittney this for on a capitalist doctor calling to let you know there were that be a place tonight. I was you next week. Bye.

I went to Google Voice to listen to the message, and here's what it really was:
Hi Brittney. This is Veronica, the Zumba instructor, calling to let you know there will not be a class tonight. I will see you next week. Bye.

To Google Voice's credit, when I viewed the text online, most of the words are really faint, (their way of telling me they're pretty sure those aren't actually the words spoken on my voice mail). I honestly didn't expect a transcription service to know the name of my workout class...but capitalist doctor? Awesome.


deanna said...


Alli said...

haha. I think I want to sign up for Google Voice if it is that entertaining.

Carrie said...

yeah benjy's google voice always gives him the craziest messages too!

Abbie said...

I love my google voice texts. They always make me laugh. Good post!

Wells said...

better than the game "telephone"! i'll have to leave a message sometime and see what it says. are you a zumba fan? i've been a few times, some of my neighbors are way into it.

Tammy said...

So Funny!

Sarah and Robbie said...

That is so great. Google makes for an awesome "telephone" game . . . I also would NOT want to go to a capitalist doctor. It sounds too scary- like survival of the fittest or something . . . :)

Barbara said...

Didn't know you do Zumba! I've heard that it is REALLY fun. They have some places here in SLC that do it. Well, now I know I better never leave you a voice mail, who knows what you might think I actually said?

Love, Barbmom

Pear said...

Wow. I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Nice one, google voice!