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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gary & Berta Visit

My parents came to visit over Halloween weekend; I had so much fun with them! We played some Beatles Rock Band, ate out a few times, watched some World Series, and went to the following places:

The Marine Corps Museum
Gravelly Point (to watch the airplanes take off/land from Reagan)
The Old Post Office Pavilion (second best view of the city after the Washington Monument!)
The Newseum
The Archives
The American History Smithsonian Museum

There were no crowds ANYWHERE...which makes up for the Capitol tour we didn't get to take last time because there were way too many people there. It was awesome to just walk around and spend as much time looking at things as we wanted to.

We were pretty dead Monday night after walking around so much, so we ended the trip with a rousing game of Hand & Foot...the best 3+ hour card game around :)

More photos here

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