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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Say Anything

Even though there are at least 20 concert venues within a few minutes of us, we want our concert experiences to be memorable. Just kidding, but since our schedules don't really allow for weeknight fun, we've traveled far and wide (or just far) for some weekend concerts. We saw our good friends Say Anything at the Norfolk...3 hours away. Our Saturday/Sunday went something like this:

10-11:30 Primary Program practice at church
11:30-12:30 Lunch, get ready
12:30-4:30 Drive to Norfolk, park, walk
4:30-6:00 Eat at the restaurant attached to the Norva
6:00-7:00 Get into the show and wait...and wait
7:00-11:30 Watch three okay bands and one pretty amazing band
11:30-2:30 Drive home
2:30-8:00 Sleep

It was SO worth it. Absolutely the best concert I've ever been to. The band had recently put out a new CD, and the whole crowd knew every word to every song. Also, the lead singer of Say Anything is married to a member of one of the opening bands (Eisley) he came out to play the guitar when she was onstage, and she came out to sing with him for one of his songs. Pretty adorable.

This was the door next to the restaurant. Hmm.

The band Eisley.

Max playing the guitar for Eisley.

Us, really excited for Say Anything to come out.

Say Anything rocking their little hearts out.

Cutieheads Max and Sherri singing their song together.

Bonus: I bought a tshirt and told the guy selling the tshirts "My brother used to do this..." and he asked who my brother was and I told him, and the merch guy totally knew my brother. Then I thought to myself WOW my brother was doing this 10 years ago and you're STILL doing this?!? but I didn't say that.

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