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Sunday, October 5, 2008

An "efficient" sightseeing tour

I was so excited to find out my friend Andrea was coming to town! It's great to see people from back home (like WAY, Lincoln City, back home), and fun to play tour guide. When I got home and told Joe all the things we saw in a few hours, he called our trip "efficient." I would have to agree.

We met at the Metro Center station, and did the following: saw the White House; walked down one side of the Reflection Pool; saw the WWII Memorial; saw the Lincoln Memorial; saw the Vietnam Memorial; walked down the other side and saw the Monument. Then we hit up the Natural History Museum, the National Archives, ate lunch in Chinatown, then parted on separate sides of the Metro tracks.

It was so fun to catch up! And I was glad to see a few sites; I actually haven't been since we moved out here because I didn't feel like I knew my way around. I'm pretty confident in my directions now :)


This is us in front of the White House. Notice my awesome bandaid under my's hiding a gnarly curling iron burn. Yep, feels pretty good.


Representing Utah at the WWII Memorial.


From the Lincoln Memorial...the Reflection Pool, Monument and Capitol peaking out in the background.

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Kristina said...

WOW...I haven't seen Andrea since we graduated! You two look beautiful! Sounds like an amazing day