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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ramblin post on Renaissance Fair

Growing up as a poor disadvantaged kid in Southeast D.C., one of the few days I had to look forward to each year was the Maryland Renaissance Fair. Every year from August to October, they recreate a Midieval village in Annapolis. They have food, archery, music, jugglers, and live jousting. According to Wikipedia its the 2nd largest Renaissance fair in the country. I loved it as a kid, but I was afraid it wouldn't hold up 15 years later. After all this time, it was still awesome.

They still had the same sword swallower I remembered, and I even remembered his jokes (Of course Johnnie Fox is my stage name. My real name is John Fox. ) We brought Matt and Ashley (in town from NY ) and had a real fun time. There was a band in from Scotland, called Hack and Slash that pounded on drums and played the bagpipes. I threw ninja stars with Matt, and got to meet a wizard! We ran into matt's brother John, who fit right in with the long hair crew. Also we got to see two friends from high school who ended up marrying each other.

The people-watching at these things is off the charts. Its like a star trek convention but for fantasy geeks. There is always a weird "gun shop / citizen militia of montana / aryan nation " vibe at these things. So many white people gathered around listening to scottish music kind of but not really thinking to themselves "things were better back in the motherland." At one point, when we were surrounded by large crowd of drunk white people in kilts and corsets, I looked around, and turned to Matt and said, "Yeah, probably not a lot of Obama voters here."

more pictures as always on the Flickr Page.


Sarah Culp said...

I would have liked to see you in one of those wizard suits, Joe. :)

deanna said...

I like the wizard with the seems very Czech.
The phrase most visitors learn first: Yedna pivo = one beer.

Reed and Liz said...

dude that's cool that you grew up SE DC. 'cuz i had to grow up in fancy-pants mclean :)

Simmons Family said...

This post makes me laugh. Very descriptive-I almost felt like I was there.