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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Trying to Help the Economy...

Joe has recently jumped on the "making our condo look nice is a fun thing to do" bandwagon. It's been fun to have him help me pick out rugs and a bookshelf. Also, when I say something like "Do you think this will match in the dining room? You know, 'cause the wall is kinda this color and the rug is kinda that color..." he will actually give me a thoughtful response instead of "You can decide."

So on Friday we made a trip to Potomac Mills. I was so excited! We got to go to Ikea, Costco, Best Buy and Walmart all in one trip. These stores were all less than a mile apart from each other, and SO empty. It was an amazing experience. Someday I will go back for all the outlet stores, but I'll need to rest up!

Once we got home, we went to work. Our biggest task was trying to hide the wires from our wall-mounted TV and the various electronics it needs to be attached to. We drilled holes in walls (after using the stud detector and hoping gas lines weren't nearby...they weren't,) and in our bookshelf. Then we had to guide the wires through these holes. Easier said than done. Luckily, I had impulsively bought decorative sticks to put in a pot in our dining room...and guess what we used to guide those wires! How convenient!

Joe was Superman, and figured out which wires went where. I was around for all the rest, but mainly tried to make things look good.

I am thrilled with the finished product! We took the photos at nights, so they're a little dark...but I was too excited to wait.


All the cords ready to be hooked into the TV.


Guiding wires through the wall!


My idea! I took apart a cheap shelving unit, flattened this wire basket, and attached it to the wall so we can have easy access to our surge protector.


A big mess of wires behind the bookshelf...

P1040136 mostly hidden by an Ikea magazine holder-turned remote controls holder/wire hider.


More yucky wires...


...hidden behind a (dirty) mirror and a makeshift stick decoration. I took a cardboard tube, hot glued leftover drape fabric to it, and put the sticks inside!


Ta da!


The other side...and Halloween decorations.


Joe, to give you an idea of the size of our furniture.


We also got a new rug for the living room. At least we're keeping all our condo rules :)


Dining room updates: new rug, table with the leaf in it, centerpiece, and sticks in the corner. I want to switch out the lighting at some point, but we're pretty happy with the overall look.

So I guess now we're "that couple" that does all their decorating and home projects on the weekend. We don't really have a choice since the only other time we're together during the weekdays is after 9. I had a lot of fun doing these projects with Joe, and if you couldn't tell we're kind of proud of ourselves.


Erica said...

Good job cousin and cousin-in-law! Everything looks great! I'm gonna have to plan a trip to come admire your work!

Shauna said...

Looks awesome you guys! We'll have to put you to work decorating our house! :) Can't wait to see you in November.

Reed and Liz said...

i'm very impressed! nice work! :)

Dan and Nicole said...

It looks great Britt! I was thinking about the time when I first met you and Joe today. It was sooooo long ago but I am so glad we met!

Kristina said...

Looks guys deserve to be proud of yourselves!

Wells said...

lovely work! we need to come out sometime!