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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worst. Commute. Ever.

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So, the weather sucked today (big surprise). Rain, hail, wind, thunder, lightening, tornado warnings, etc. After work, the rain had let up and I happily walked to the Metro. I happily got on the Metro. And then I learned there was a tree on the Metro line, and possibly some power lines, too. Sad! The train stopped at East Falls Church and what seemed like a few thousand people were waiting for cars or shuttles (there were one or two buses to take everyone to West Falls Church). I am not one to wait, so I just started following this heard of people walking. I felt like I was in Independence Day or something...everyone walking towards another city after their own was destroyed by aliens. It rained. It lighteninged (whatever). It thundered. We made it to a walking trail, so that was nice.

I walked for about 45 mins, then the nicest girls drove up and said they were shuttling people to the Metro stop! They said "We were on our way to Blockbuster and saw all these people, and thought this would be a better use of our time." Seriously? Amazing! There were also sweet people standing on the side of the road with handmade signs that said "METRO" with an arrow to point us in the right direction.

I guess I can't really complain about any more Metro rides after win, weather. You win.


Abbie said...

So.... maybe that was the worst commute ever but it sure makes for a great blog post! :)

Joe said...

why are you living in DC?

Britt said...

Because my smarty-pants husband got into law school here. Geez!

Joe said...

well i live in utah ; its the place to be.

Reed and Liz said...

those girls were sure nice -- wow!