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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shot Fired

So last night I was seconds away from drifting to sleep when I heard a dog barking...and people yelling...and then a gunshot. My train of thought was kind of like this:

11:50 pm-Ugh, I wish those people outside would stop talking. Oh well, at least my fan is on and I can barely hear them.
11:51 pm-Wow those people are talking louder. How annoying. And their dog is barking a lot. I wonder if I should bring this to the attention of the board members at the next meeting, (to be fair, I had just gone to my first Del Boca Vista meeting and people pretty much complained about everything, so I felt this was acceptable).
11:52 pm-Hmmm I hope I can sleep through all of this talking and barking. LAME.
11:53 pm-I think that was a gun. Was somebody shot? Should I call the police? What do people do in situations like this? 

So of course I call Joe, and then look out the window. There are 5 police cars outside one window and 5 outside the other (thanks, corner unit!) I think whatever went down was across the street from us. I saw a few people get arrested and put in cop cars and heard some person who was under the influence of something mumble: "" and since the dog had stopped barking, I put 2 and 2 together. Good times in Falls Church!!


deanna said...

Next time tell them to put black widow poison in a hotdog and feed it to the animal over the fence...less noise and chance of getting caught.

deanna said...

ohmigosh did I just write that?! I promise I would NEVER do that.

Sarah and Robbie said...

Ah! fighting, guns, and dead dogs! Oh my!
Seriously, though . . . you are brave. Your "council" should form a Neighborhood Watch AND a PETA Watch

Joe said...

man, you live in the ghetto!

**Em** said...

scary!! I think I would have peed my pants.

JoJo said...

SCARY!!! Good job surviving.

Erica said...

My advise: Don't die.