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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pics of Bathrooms

Master Bathroom

2nd Bathroom


Sarah and Robbie said...

You know how when you talk about or see great food it makes you hungry? Well, these bathrooms look so great, I have to pee right now just looking at the pictures!! Haha!
But serisouly, on a less creepy note, the condo does look really great! Hooray for you!
P.S. If you guys are ever in Chicago or if we're ever in DC we must play!!

Reed and Liz said...

nice! i especially like the over-the-toilet shelf -- very classy!

Wells said...

looks lovely!

Ashley said...

Oooh... I love your bathrooms!! So classy looking. :) I might be in DC in a week and a half to deliver a my final show, if I do we should get lunch! I will keep you apprised of the situation and whether or not it actually happens... But either way I want to come visit soon! :)