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Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Job

Technically, I started my job at the beginning of July. The PAC (Preschool Autism Classroom) program has a 6-week summer session to help maintain students' progress. So, for anyone wondering, I got about a week off between grad school and new job, then ta-da! I was suddenly a teacher. 

I've been nothing short of overwhelmed every day, but am slowly starting to come out of the "What was I thinking!?" fog. I'm really passionate about ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and have seen changes in my kiddos already.  

If it were just me playing with the students all day = no problem. But the process of assessing the students, finding out what they need, following the curriculum, ensuring I am following their IEPs (Individualized Education Program) and keeping data on all of the above is a balancing act that is constantly in need of adjusting. 

I have amazing co-workers, multiple support systems and endless resources. I am really looking forward to the year, and feel so blessed to have a job that highlights my talents and passions. Plus, working with preschoolers is kind of awesome. 

These are some pictures I took at Open House. The first is the sign outside our door, and the second is the classroom. I'll take better photos of the class later, but you can tell my priority in set-up was to designate areas for workspaces throughout the day. 

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