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Monday, January 26, 2009


So, you might have caught wind of this little event going down in DC last week. Our office stayed open on what should have been an awesome 4-day weekend. I worked Saturday and Sunday, and went for a little walk on my lunch break. This is what I saw:

Humvees at every intersection from GWU-White House (roads were closed unless you had special IDs, like the 2,500+ we printed days before Inauguration).

LOTS of black limos/SUVs/towncars.

A bazillion people lined up on 17th St NW for the free concert at the Lincoln Memorial.

And yes, there were tons of port-a-pottys.

I'm going to steer clear of politics on the blog for now, (If you're really interested, I have a tendency to passive-aggresively post articles on Facebook instead....) but it was neat to be in DC during this time. The city was different for a few days; roads were empty, people were nice. Yay America. Oh, and I pretty much got within a few feet of Obama.


Alli said...

How cool! I hope you didn't freeze your tail off. They should give you a nice break now. Also, I occasionally make crepes for dinner. Nothin' wrong with a little sugar instead of nutrients now and then!

Kristina said...

I watched the entire thing on TV...sad I know!!! Would have been so neat to be there.