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Friday, January 9, 2009

100th Post = Happy 25th Joey Joe!

Most people think I "put up" with Joe, but it's really not true...he puts up with me. Seriously, I'm crazy! Joe allows me to play the role of Supporter (*cough, cough* The Boss). In return, he is funny and goofy and forever has the maturity of a 7-year-old when it comes to inappropriate jokes and unintentional comedy.

Joe keeps me sane by making me laugh every day...even when I'm trying to be super serious and/or plan something, organize something, etc.

Joe keeps me humble by being the smartest smarty-pants ever. Law school? No problem!

Joe keeps me realistic. He doesn't buy into any new fads or hypes; he is almost amotional (not a word), which is great for my hyper-emotionalism.

Pretty much I think he's the coolest, even when I roll my eyes and look annoyed because I've heard the story he's re-telling at least 5 times. I love him forever and ever. I'm so glad we met 7 years ago so we could grow into even cooler people together than we did separately :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Have fun being the same age as me for 32 days :p


Joe said...

haha, glad to see the photo of me with my head looking like a green bean plant.

Reed and Liz said...

love, love, LOVE the photo! :)

happy birthday, joe -- we love you!

Brent & Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Joe!! Jan 9 is the best day of the year to have a birthday :)

Alli said...

Love the photo. So fitting. I am still wishing we lived by you guys.

Ashley said...

CUTE!! I love you guys!