Should we name new kitty Jax or Fivel?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Name that kitty!


This is new kitty. He needs a name! He's sick of being called "new kitty" . He is a ~5 year old Russian blue fully declawed that was found in february living on the streets of PG county almost starved and frozen to death. He's a fighter and a sweetheart.

  Two Syllable Names: #1 Sputnik vs. #16 Smokey , #5 Sochi vs #12 Neptune
  Russian Names: #2 Fivel vs. #15 Ivan, #6 Koshka vs #11 Ovi
  Single Syllable Names: #3 Jax vs. #14 Frank  #7 Mig vs #10 Mir 
  Grab Bag Names: #4 Max vs #13 Jaguar #8 Fitty  vs. #9 Gandalf 

Sputnik was the russian satellite, and matches the spunky personality of new kitty. Smokey is a good name to describe his grey fur. Sochi is topical and cute, Neptune is just idk. Fivel was also a russian street survivor so we like that. Ivan very russian. Koshka is the Russian name for cat or kitty. Ovi is the only 3 time MVP that the DC area will ever see and also a Russian. Jax is a play on the name the shelter gave him "jaguar" which in the NFL is called Jax. Frank is a reference to Frank sinatra's eyes looking like the ktity's eyes. Mig and Mir are the russian words for their fighter jet and space station. Max is a russian name and the name of my favorite singer. Jaguar is the dumb name the shelter gave him. Fitty is a reference to fifty shades of grey, and being a street hustler like the real Fitty. And gandalf the grey is obvious enough. 

So make sure to vote! Click the banner at the top of the page to vote for each name!


David Cramer said...

Isn't Frank also the name of the old guy in your building?

Britt said...

no, thats bob .

why do i have to captcha a comment on my own blog