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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Round Two!!

The Elite EIGHT ----

It's been mostly chalk with a few key upsets. Ovi and Gandalf are the cinderella darlings!

#1 Sputnik vs.  #5  Sochi

#2 Fivel   vs.   #11   Ovi

#3  Jax    vs.   #7    Mig

#4   Max    vs. #9    Gandalf

Overall #1 Sputnik is up for a real challenge against Sochi. Sochi is topical and Russian, look for the youth vote to give Sochi a strong showing.

Fivel came into the tournament as one of the strongest, but the Ovi juggernaut might role on thanks to caps fans. Though his end of the year showing with the Caps might hurt Ovi.

Jax and Mig seem evenly matched. Two strong short names.

Gandalf has a real shot to rocket into the final four, despite an initial week showing. Can max survive?

                                                              kitty says thanks!

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