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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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Last year I had a Catholic co-worker who gave up something for Lent; I want to say it was candy or soda or something, and I promised to do it with her...and I'm sure I did sometimes, and whatever. I get that the practice of Lent has changed a bit over the years, but I like the idea of giving up a vice...and since I've proven to have very little self-control lately, Lent seemed a good reason to quit coming up with excuses.

The night before Ash Wednesday (Fat Tuesday?) I told Joe I wanted to give something up. He spouted out a few of my vices a little too quickly, and they were all things I was not willing to part with. Then finally he said, "You could give up the snooze button," which is kind of funny because I was never a big snoozer until I started sharing a bed with Mr. Snooze Button himself, but whatever.

So yeah, the last couple of days I've actually gotten up when my alarm went off. Weird. It's kind of nice to start my morning not running around like a maniac because I NEEDED those extra couple of (or 45) minutes of sleep. I mean, I probably do need those minutes...but ideally my body could get on some sort of schedule (WHAT?) and maybe I could start going to bed earlier. And maybe if this week hadn't been Daylight Savings this would have been the easiest thing ever to accomplish...but waking up when it's dark sucks. Oh, well.


Ashley said...

What a great idea! Give up SNOOZE. I should try that.

Anita Cramer Wells said...

that phrase, mr. snooze button himself, is hysterical.

Sarah Culp said...

Hey! We are twins . . . I also live with a Mr. Snooze. And our marriage has almost ended over than freakin snooze more times than one. (Maybe I should give up over-reacting for Lent?)