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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Kitties!

Valentine's Day is super special for us because it's the day we got Lucky and Destiny! We can't believe it's been 2 whole years since we've had them. I tried to set up a photo shoot with my new camera, but they were too excited about their special treat to give me much to work with. Here are some fun things they're doing:

DESTINY: appx. 8 years old. Still very independent, but lets me pick her up mama-cat style (behind the neck) and sits in my lap and falls asleep, (after head-butting everything in the area). Happy to be by herself sometimes. Prefers sleeping at the foot of the bed. "Owns" the ottoman and red living room chair. Also "guard-dogs" the outside of the bathroom when I'm getting ready in the morning. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES chasing string. Like she could chase string all day. Also loves catnip and rolling around in it. Meows when she needs something, or just sits nearby and looks really pissed (if the cat food is low, she will sit a few feet away from it and just glare). Loves treats, but can't find them so you have to show them to her like 10 times. A HUGE beggar of people-food...she's relentless. If we're cooking, (which is never,) she will sit and wait patiently for you to drop her something. Super, super cute.

LUCKY: appx. 5 years old. BABY. I'm considering getting one of those front-carrying baby slings for him...I really think he would love it. Lucky likes sleeping at the head of the bed, or on one of our heads. He is a CUDDLER. And a licker of necks, (or just my neck). Sometimes he will fall asleep between Joe and me, and try to make sure he is touching one of us with his front paws and one with his back. Lucks is the funniest combination of scardy-cat and panther-on-the-prowl. He's willing to stalk a bug for like 2 hours without ever doing anything to it. His spots are flopping over the backs of chairs. He loves blanket caves. He's terrified of anything that sprays. If we pick up the can of Dust-Off, he stops whatever he's doing and runs under the bed. Two words: LASER POINTER. Lucky will follow the laser in 20+ circles and then fall over. Then he'll follow it some more. Squeaks when scared. Pretty freaking adorable.

We really, really like these guys. Like, a lot. They make these long, crazy days a little more bearable...and are great companions when all I wanna do is take a nap :)

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