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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Fruit/flower/linen/silk/appliance Anniversary!

Yup, it's been four years. I just looked up the "gift" for the fourth anniversary. Fascinating stuff, really.
Thanks to Wiki, I got this:

Traditional US: Linen/Silk
Modern US: Appliance
Traditional UK: Fruit/Flower

So I will just consider the bananas I got at Giant this week sufficient.

Last night I had every intention of writing a write a cute, long post about all my favorite things from the wedding day, but I fell asleep instead. Maybe later.

Love ya, babe!


Anita Cramer Wells said...

awesome. i love how this site has put a destination travel place to go with the gift (ie our 15th is crystal/glass/watches, so we should go to switzerland or austria):
one of these years we should all take a trip together or something!
happy day.

Abbie said...

Ha ha, our anniversary was on Tuesday and for 3 years it's leather. I couldn't think of anything under like $15 (since we're poor) that was made of leather so I just said forget it. Maybe next year... Happy Anniversary!

Arya said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you guys have a super fun time celebrating!

deanna said...

I was at your party. Love you kids.